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The Directional Prophetic Word for 2018 and Beyond
I have been hearing for some time now what appeared to be a very simple statement, but at the same time profound. It stirred within me so many thoughts.

Thoughts of allegiance, awe, trust, respect, faithfulness, peace, fear, belonging, kingship, humbleness, gratefulness and so many more. But the best way to describe my thoughts and feelings is Allegiance.

I could not get this seemingly simple statement out of my thoughts. I can hear over and over so softly this statement that made me want to stand to attention. It was a command that made me cry. It gave me a far away look as if I was gazing into the future. As I lay in bed at night I would say this statement and smile.

So I asked the Lord Is this the Word for 2018 and beyond? Is this for the body of UDFC and all that will receive it?
I was not sure until Dec 30, 2017 at 3am. I will explain…but first the word statement I heard was...


To say it now I want to stand and cry, and say Yes sir!

Title: YES SIR

To hear this word in its entirety go to Sunday’s Word link. This is a Must Hear!