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Pastor Bob is a retired staff sergeant, serving over 22 years in the US Army. While being raised Mormon, he received a deep love for family and a commitment to those he loved, proving him to be a great husband and father. God, out of His sovereign plan, led Pastor Bob to a born again experience in 1990, which changed his life forever. In 1993, he was filled with the baptism of the Holy Spirit, with the evidence of speaking in other tongues. This empowerment caused Pastor Bob to be fearless, never putting any restraints on God or His move. This power encounter caused him to renounce the Mormon faith and have his name stricken from all their records. There was a great price paid because of this, a price that he did not flinch at. In his words, "I know that I am saved by His blood, and I know that I have the power of the Holy Spirit".

As he followed God, the plan began to unfold - all that God had called him to do and be. The path that Pastor Bob has walked to be where he is now. He was a faithful member of the local church, then moving into ministry. He served the local assembly as leader over what was called "Care Ministry" which encompassed many departments. Besides being leader over Care Ministry, he served as: alter councilor, security for the church, and an event leader of Men’s Ministry. Within this local assembly, he received schooling and training, and graduated classes of leadership. He was also trained through "Equip" with Dr. Sam Chand and John Maxwell.

Pastor Bob, in his personal ministry received Christian Workers License in 1997 through LeSEA (Dr. Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association). While under the local assembly, he received licensing for ministry in 1999, and was ordained through LeSEA in 2004. He and Pastor Mona have their own personal ministry entitled, "Uniquely Different Ministry" an evangelistic outreach. Pastor Bob was blessed by his pastors and sent out to pastor in 2006, where he serves as Senior Pastor, Administrator and Bishop over what is known as Uniquely Different Family Church.

Pastor Bob has a watchful eye and a father’s heart for the people that God has entrusted to his care. He takes very serious his responsibilities. He has been known to say, "We have to do this right because the Father is watching". And for us that know Pastor Bob, we know he is watching also. That’s your Pastor.

Pastor Robert Pacheco was born in Malad, Idaho, and was raised in Brigum City, Utah. He is of Native American descent. His parents, Filx and Geneva Pacheco, provided Pastor Bob with a loving home. He has three brothers, which he is the eldest of. Pastor Bob left home in 1966 to serve his country, while being stationed at what is now known as the Melvin Price Center in Granite City, IL he met and married then, Mona Baker. This marriage is 40 plus years strong and has been blessed with two children, Robert Pacheco Jr. and Allissa Downs. They have blessed our Pastors with 6 grandchildren: Zachariah, Jacob, Makenna, Alexander, Isaiah, Luke. In addition the Pastors have been blessed with the opportunity to serve as guides to Holly, Allison, Robert, and Cali.