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Pastor Mona was raised Pentecostal in the Assemblies of God Church all her life. She always had a deep place within her heart for God, a deep love for truth. As being raised in church, you have your times of being faithful to God and not so faithful. But in 1989, Pastor Mona came to God in a power encounter of salvation, that brought her into purpose and destiny like never before. And being baptized in the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in other tongues, set her on an amazing journey that is still ongoing. This power encounter thrust her into an intimacy of hours of praying and reading, setting and laying before God. She at times, did not really know what happened to her. God would speak, and she would write. He would bring books into her life, and she would spend hours reading. The Bible was opened up to her in a way that still amazes her. It was like a classroom of two, her and God. Pastor Mona received great boldness that turned her from an "us-four-and-no-more" to speak into leaders and laity alike, with great change. This was her first classroom of mentoring and training. One-on-one, just her and the Lord.

Then God began to lead. She served under the local assembly and was faithful to church. God led her into places of leadership as she served. God opened doors, Pastor Mona served as leader along with Pastor Bob in a ministry called, "Care Ministry" with many departments and many workers serving under her leadership. Within this local assembly, she received schooling and training, graduating classes of leadership. She received 7 years of training within this assembly. As well, Pastor Mona along with her husband went through training from LeSEA (Dr. Lester Sumrall Evangelistic Association). First receiving Christian worker’s license in 1997, and went on to be licensed in 1999, and in 2004 she was ordained. Included in her schooling and training was setting with powerful men and women of God, which helped greatly in her understanding of ministry. She went through; "Equip" with Dr. Sam Chand, attending classes with John Maxwell, Joyce Myers, Tommy Barnett, and Jack Hayford. Pastor Mona spent 7 days in Colorado being mentored in leadership with Marilyn and Sarah Hickey. She has attended Bobby Jean Merk conferences. But for her, the greatest learning experiences was traveling with her pastors, and watching their example. Also, the one-on-one time that was given to her from LeSEA leadership, Stephen Ritlitch (the Host of "The Harvest Show") and Dave Flowers (the Overseer of Feed the Hungry). All of this training has been priceless, showing Pastor Mona how to walk out the calling of God on her life.

Pastor Mona and Pastor Bob have their own personal ministry entitled, "Uniquely Different Ministry" and evangelistic outreach. Pastor Mona was blessed by her pastors and sent out to pastor in 2006, where she serves as Pastor and Chief Speaker of UDFC, along with Pastor Bob as Founder and President of Uniquely Different Ministry and Uniquely Different Family Church. Pastor Mona’s heart is to live out what she preaches with a mother’s heart of compassion, deeply caring for all that God has entrusted to her care. That’s your Pastor.

Pastor Mona Pacheco was born in Granite City, IL and raised in Madison, IL. Her parents were Robert and Alla Baker. They loved her and provided a good home for her to grow up in. She has 6 brothers and sisters, which she is the youngest of. Pastor Mona met and married the love of her life in 1967, Robert Pacheco. After 40 plus years, she still likes him! Together they have 2 children, Robert Pacheco Jr. and Alissa Downs, and 6 grandchildren (which are the very heart of Pastor Mona). She often says with the grandchildren, she is all grace and no law. She worked outside of her home in the hair care business for about ten years, and will let you know she hated every minute of it! Her heart and first calling is to love her God, husband, children and home. She says, "If you can do that right, everything you do will be right!".