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The following is a Prophetic Word given to Pastor Mona Pacheco concerning the Church. 
One evening in mid Feb 2015, I believe the Lord enlightened me on one of His end time plans. I share one of many plans that He has for the Church.

I was not seeking or asking for what He showed me, but I was in a place to hear from Him and because of that I am thankful. All glory goes to the Lord!!! As I share this Word with you I pray that it will be a great encouragement to you and a contentment that will bring great gain.

I want to give a disclosure before beginning, to arrest any misunderstanding; as God will lovingly use all people, places, big or small that are obedient to His Word and call. What I am wanting to bring to light is one of His plans for His end time Church. Thank You.

God began with a question to me.

Could it be God’s last day move will not necessarily be in/through the big churches? Large in numbers but weak because they only preach half-truth. They may have thousands of people, but the big churches have big bills and compromise the message to appease the large crowds. Could God’s last day move be the small churches that don't compromise the message but stay true to the straight and narrow way? 

Matthew 7:14 Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Could it be that God is opening many doors? As I was hearing this I saw the world.
I knew God was showing me that the big churches having schools, daycares, stock piling food, and selling generators have allowed a spirit of Babylon to creep into the church.  These churches are masquerading as the real, by being big! Not that any of this in itself is bad, but that much of this is fear based and used to raise money. In many cases, (not all) to meet an overextended budget.

Somewhere the church has bought into a spirit of competition. I knew that there would be large churches in this last day move of God. The book of Acts has proven this. Churches in homes (small) to 120, churches with 1000, 3000, and even 5000 people. But even they will be among the few, and they will also be on the straightway. Don’t be deceived in thinking that because a church is big that they are always right. We hope and pray for their best. But what I believe God showed me was small places. (churches and groups)

This is why many small churches are discouraged, because they think they are not doing anything significant because they don’t have many people. Not so!! If they are preaching the whole truth, if they have one or none they are the Lord’s, and he will add people as He pleases.

Fivefold ministers stand guard over what God has given you!

The small (churches and groups) will be the tucked in ones. We will huddle

Huddle - a densely packed group or crowd as a people to receive instruction for the next play, a small private conference or meeting, to crowd together as from cold or fear

My prayer is, Lord show the true pastors this vision, that they don’t give up and give into Babylon (the big). They have a Word from you, but are trying to compete with Babylon! Only God can compete with Babylon and defeat it. My heart goes out to the little churches all over the world that have received a Word from God and now they are competing with Babylon. The first thing that a church in competition does, it brings out the ball and entertains the people. They focus on the kids, trying to make them happy. No child can be happy or healthy unless his parents are. We must first go after the parents, not the kids. The masses have never been able to receive it. Not even in Jesus’ day. He came to save all, but all will not be saved. We are trying to win the world when it’s the few within the world that will be saved.

Godliness with contentment is great gain. When we are not content we open doors for Babylon. A competing spirit. (Hoping to have many people)

The pastor of small churches looking at the same people, thinking they are going nowhere saying the same thing to the same people day-in day-out. They will be tempted to step out in their flesh buying into Babylon. When you start going back, you want Babylon. Meaning to bring about spiritual things through our flesh.

This is why pastors and five fold ministers must have a personal relationship with God.

Some of these churches have no one yet. They are being prepared by God for his timing. To God ordained churches: Don’t give up! If God calls you to one or one thousand, so be it! This is why you must be tucked in with Him, huddled with Him.

Tucked: to wrap or cover securely.

You are not going to your church, you are His church!

This Babylon is a spirit of mix. Not pure. Just as Babylon of old, it was big, beautiful, had hanging flower gardens, but it was not of God. It was even a place of punishment from God. 

Babylon has a look and sound that is foreign from God’s look or sound. It is pleasing to our flesh! It cries out, 'Come to me'! When we back up on God we will want this look and sound that is foreign to the true God. We want the big and we will compromise to have it. 

Attention: What is this look and sound? It is mixing God with the world system.

God loves the big or small of his true church but know this today. God’s eye is on the small things!

Matthew 10:29 Are not two sparrows sold for a copper coin? And not one of them falls to the ground apart from your Father’s will.

God’s choice of the country of Israel as His capitol city; and look how small it is.
It was like arrows coming from heaven and marking places all over the world and each of these places (churches and groups) were small. Thousands upon thousands of arrows all over the world, small places, but many. These places (churches and groups) where the arrows were marking, are God’s true believers; the real and true leaders, the last day leaders.

I knew in my heart that this is already happening, places (churches and groups) of 25-100 people, small but many. This is God’s 30, 60, 100 fold making their mark throughout the whole world.

I knew that there were pastors called from God that had no people yet. The vision was amazing! There was such excitement, hope, knowing that God Almighty is having His way!